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‘…it all starts with a dream’

The years in College, are some of the most memorable ones in our lives.
They are also a throwback to the threshold of youth, with its aspirations, daring, and dreams: not the idle dreams of childhood but, dreams with an eye to the future, scripted on paper, with design and a definite plan.
A practical avenue to explore and present these designs and plans is the mandatory curriculum requirement of the ‘Project’ work and report, of the Final years.

These take the form of the fabrication…of creative and innovative Prototypes of novel Products… especially in the Mechanical and allied streams of Engineering.
Further, they often require the students to work with and use Fibre-reinforced Composites as key components.
This path, from design to prototype, is not without its pitfalls.
Prominent among them are the Financial constraints of low budgets along with the ‘make-or-break’ availability (…non-availability), of the materials in their required Quantities, small enough to be generally considered ‘non-viable’ in the industry.

At Marktech, we have an ongoing project of our own, which is close to our hearts.
We build a close association with the students based on the twin responsibilities we undertake for them.

We look after the logistics and related areas, in an effort to keep the commercial impact to the minimum.
Importantly, they have our unconditional assurance of supply, regardless of the Quantities they require.

Marktech too started with a dream and we appreciate the vital importance of a timely helping hand.
It is our fond endeavor to be that hand to the student community, in the capacity we can: whether that be in successfully completing their academic requirements, or, which would be a heartening bonus, in converting a dream…into reality.

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