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We have been working in fine chemistry since the establishment of Gustavo Corradini Srl (1957) and have extensive, diversified experience in the manufacturing industry, with a strong inclination towards product research and innovation.

Our polyurethanes and epoxy resins serve industry and industrial applications, to which we devote important resources for the design and continuous enhancement of materials, production processes, machines and plants in order to improve application techniques.

DUNA-Corradini, the headquarters of the DUNA-Corradini Group of companies, with an in-house laboratory where we study and develop new products, is located in Soliera, (Modena) Italy.

With its two plants located in Baytown, Texas and Ludington, Michigan, DUNA-USA is DUNA-Corradini\'s response to the American market. Both plants in Texas and Michigan use the latest technology and continuous production (developed by the Italian mother company) for the production of high performing polyurethane foam (PUR or urethane) and polyisocyanurate foam (PIR or polyiso).

Established in 2011, DUNA-EMIRATES LLC FZC is located in the Arab Emirate of Fujairah and is the reference point for the production of CORAFOAM® blocks for the insulation of cryogenic industrial plants (ethylene, LPG/LNG insulation, Urea etc.) in the Gulf Area. With its preferential geographical area, near the international airport of Dubai and the important port of Khor Fakkan, and most of all overlooking the Indian Ocean, DUNA EMIRATES LLC FZC brings DUNA polyurethane technology not only to the Middle East, but to all of the Asian South East market.



CORAFOAM® Special foams represents the cutting edge of our polyurethane/polyisocyanurate (PUR/PIR) foam production. Every one of them is a uniquely developed polyurethane foam that contains our best know-how in order to solve a particular problem.

One example of our Special Foams is CORAFOAM® PB 50 M1-HC, the most reliable PIR (polyisocyanurate) foam approved in extreme cryogenic applications.

Developed in 2003 to face the ban of HCFC blowing agents in the European Union, this polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam rapidly became a key product for the insulation of LNG Terminals worldwide thanks to its excellent insulation performance at the working temperatures of these plants (-165°C to +40°C).

The R&D of PB 50 M1-HC has focused on the most strict insulation specifications for industrial plants including CINI 2.07.01 and SHELL DEP, which our polyurethane and polyisocyanurated foams fully comply with.

This special polyisocyanurate foam is supported by a complete set of independent laboratory certifications, and has been successfully installed in various LNG plants, including:

  • Sakhalin II (Russian Federation)

  • South hook (UK)

  • Guang Dong (PRC)

  • Arzew LNG (Algeria)





CORALIGHT® 600 is the new high-performance polyurethane board by DUNA Corradini, in line with the concept of Upcycling, the enhancement of high-quality production by-products. Thanks to the high percentage of recycled raw materials, the high-density CORALIGHT® 600 slabs combine sustainability, technical performance and aesthetic requirements. In addition to the insulation properties typical of polyurethane, CORALIGHT® 600 offers excellent physical and mechanical performances in terms of resistance, screw retention, low water absorption and workability, which make this sheet a good solution for a multitude of applications spanning from building to furnishing, including reinforcement of structural elements and of refrigerated systems.

The new CORALIGHT® 600 polyurethane boards are the most recent entries in the DUNA product range, within the broader “SFRIDO ZERO” project officially launched in 2015. The increasing commitment to sustainability has prompted us to revise our production processes and to invest in state-of-the-art technologies with a view to optimising the use of raw materials and implementing a real circular economy through the UpCycling of secondary products of production.

Perfectly aligned with the goals of the 2030 Agenda, the UpCycling process is intended to convert production waste into a valuable resource that can generate new products from waste materials, otherwise be disposed of, giving them superior properties and performances. To fully embrace this philosophy based on recovering and giving new value to by-products, the DUNA Group has developed a new industrial upcycling plant, dedicated to the production of CORALIGHT® 600 and inaugurated in July 2021.



BLACK CORINTHO® is an entirely new style of polyurethane high temperature tooling boards, designed by our R&D team to be the DUNA-Group’s flagship product for all sectors requiring a high degree of precision, detail and machinability.

The BLACK CORINTHO® high temperature tooling boards is suitable for:

  • Carbon prepreg direct layup tools;

  • Master models;

The necessity of tooling boards that can withstand higher temperatures is common in aerospace, automotive, composite, modelling, and design industries.


BLACK CORINTHO® is a highly innovative polyurethane tooling board for low and high temperature applications thanks to its features:


    For improved dimensional stability under high temperature. Other boards, such as epoxy, often can’t withstand high temperatures (beyond +120°C) and distortions may occur. Tools made with BLACK CORINTHO® boards expand and contract under high temperature behaving as carbon fiber does.


    High conductivity allows a more uniform heating of complex or big tools and quicker autoclave processing in relationship to other materials.


    BLACK CORINTHO® is a non abrasive tooling board that machines very well to guarantee a high degree of precision.


    Tools made with BLACK CORINTHO® are typically lighter in weight than metal tools and are less labor-intensive and time consuming to fabricate. They are the ideal solution for prototypes, one-shot or a small series of tools.

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