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Founded in 2003, the Swedish OXEON AB is peerless in what they do- Develop, Produce and Market, Carbon Fiber reinforcement materials for the Composite industry. 

Perhaps, the most telling review to Oxeon AB comes from within the industry; where they and their products are not considered competition, with a simple, matter-of-fact acknowledgement – “They are in a league of their own”!

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Behind the accolade lies the core of OXEON- The most intense, extensive and pioneering in-house Research & Development programme in the Industry; standing testimonial to which, is the array of Technology and Material Patents they hold, along with the proprietary fibre-spreading technology used in their construction.

The revolutionary breakthroughs in Materials and applied Technology are at the heart of the programme, which define the radical ‘Next Chapter’ in Carbon Fiber Technology.

The centre piece of the Next Chapter is ‘TeXtreme®’’- the Brand Name of the range of their New Age, ‘Spread Tow Thin Ply’ reinforcement materials. It is well-named!
Parchment thin, disproportionately Tough…and near Weightless, these unique materials are strikingly The Lightest, The Thinnest and The Strongest of their kind in the Industry today.
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The inherent properties of the TeXtreme® reinforcements in fact, increase the mechanical performance of the final composite product coupled with a - game-changing reduction in Weight - a combination of Characteristics that come at a
premium for their customers, in advanced Aerospace, Automotive, High-end Industrial and Sports products.

Their Quality is a Gold standard as is testified by end users with critical applications where Quality is a non-negotiable.
Interactive and refreshingly open, their approach is simple. They first understand you and then understand your needs through welcomed questions and in-depth answers, centric to your exact requirements. Next, they evolve a customized solution and implement it efficiently using their proprietary materials; to give you focused choices, optimal for your application.
If, as is often said-“the best way to predict the Future is to Invent it!”, then OXEON and TeXtreme® have indeed, predicted the Future of Carbon Fiber Materials. The industry acknowledges it, its customers have endorsed it.

In association with Oxeon AB we at Marktech, bring that Future to youToday!


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