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An unmatched, manufacturing lead time of a maximum of 2-3 weeks …a turnaround speed that can support the tightest of timelines.
An excess capacity maintained for flexibility of 10m2 to 10,000m2 batch quantities…giving the confidence of regulated and continuous supply, even against unscheduled, low volume requirements.
Same state–of–the–art production equipment and products at the manufacturing sites, in the UK, Slovenia, and the USA, coupled with a central Technical Centre in the UK.
This brings with it the consistency in Quality and Reliability of the Products in parallel with the assured continuity in supply, regardless of volume.

Their focus on these essentials has seen them evolve into a major global supplier since their foundation in 2010 as a privately owned company, supported by long-term investors.

The range of ‘prepregs’ from the SHD Group is exhaustive enough to be defined by the specifics of the application, whether general purpose or specialized.

This is a natural consequence of their comprehensive matrix range for Tooling & Structures,
expertise in niche and specialist product development, and in-house material characterization capability. All this combined with their hot melt prepreg fabric and uni-directional lines (in-house design & build) and in-house Laminating /prototype manufacturing (autoclave and out of autoclave) facilities.

SHD ‘prepregs’ are classified for Component and Tooling applications and use Epoxy, Cyanate Ester, Bio-based, Benzoxazine, and bismaleimide resin systems with the right selection these are compatible with processing using autoclave, oven as well as press.

The Quality and Reliability of the SHD ‘prepregs’ has given them a major presence in applications specific to, among others, the Automotive, Marine, Rail, Defence, and Aerospace Industry, Sport and Leisure Equipment, Motorsport, Renewable Energy, and UAVs.

The class of their ‘Prepregs’ is evident in their crucial role in landmark projects, where their performance is one of the keys to success.
These include:
The Bloodhound LSR mission to break the world land speed record.
The Sit-Ski Project
The Punch Power Train Student Project
… and many more.


The reputation of their quality is further acknowledged by being the Prepregs chosen for use in iconic Products like The Hope Technology HB, The 160 Bicycle, The Aston Martin Racing GT4 Wing, The RNLI Lifeboats, and The Bruce and Walkers fishing rods.
…more than a ‘Product.


The loss of a limb is one of the most traumatic experiences,
bringing with it near insurmountable mental anguish
and physical challenges.
‘Prosthetics’, specifically in the form of ‘artificial’ limbs,
goes a long way in mitigating these challenges.
The existing materials used in such a role have played
…and are playing…their part.
Unfortunately, however, they are bound by their
inherent limitations…the weight, their unwieldiness and
discomfort in use, being some of them.

‘prepregs’ have the characteristics to address and overcome these limitations.
Significantly lightweight, strong, durable, and inert…’ prepregs’ have a unique and crucial property: They are highly mouldable and can be formed to exactly fit the shape and contours dictated by ergonomics and medical advice.
They can thus, also, be customized to be and feel the most natural replacements, in terms of functionality and comfort.

SHD prepregs are already used extensively across the globe in such applications and (it is the mission of Marktech to make available SHD materials to manufacturers of Prosthetics limbs…and thereby to the people who need them…in our attempt to enhance, in some true measure, the Quality of someone’s Life.)
…more than a ‘Product'.

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