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‘To give you the Best…we bring the Best to you’

In the world of Composites, they are the ‘Elite’…recognized among the world’s most Hi-Calibre Companies, in their Product Profiles and Technical Expertise.Their products are a result of their acclaimedR & D programs, ‘State-of-the-Art’ Production Processes and ‘Zero Tolerance’ QC Standards…their Product Quality, a global benchmark.

For any conceivable standard or custom application, of Glass Fabric and Glass Fiber Products, we bring you the Valmiera Group.Based out of the UK & Latvia, since 1963, their Product range is unparalleled…their Products themselves, are among the leading Brands in Europe.Their famed focus on Innovation, Innovative Production, and applied Technology, is a confirmation of their Vision…” to be in tune with the times and stay ahead of them”

glass fabric by Marktech composite
ECC Style 601 carbon fabric by Marktech composite

We cater to your requirements of Carbon, Kevlar & Hybrid Fabrics, from the range of C.Cramer & Co. - Germany.They are highly respected in the world of High Tech Textiles, for their wide variety of Fabrics and customized solutions that have been their proven specialty for over 6 decades.

For your need of ‘Prepregs’ Materials, we partner with SHD Composites – UK.
With manufacturing sites in the UK, Europe and the USA, their Products echo the “…fundamental ethos of Service, Quality and Innovation at the core of the Company”


Those are the Products and the Companies we bring to the markets of India and South-East Asia.
In a crowded manufacturing arena, their merit ensures that they stand apart…in a ‘Class of their own’.
The industry acknowledges it; we have always known it …and from firsthand experience, our customers have unreservedly endorsed it.

We first shook hands with them, at the beginning of our journey…
Along the way, they have assumed many roles to us: Anchors, Support Structures and Technical mentors…
…and today, our collaboration is the perfect alloy of the Corporate office space and our deep rooted personal ties with them.

Automotive project with lightweight carbon fabric
TeXtreme® 0 90 seemless.jpg

If, as is often said-“the best way to predict the Future is to Invent it!”, then OXEON and TexTreme® have indeed, predicted the Future of Carbon Fiber Materials.
The industry acknowledges it, their customers have endorsed it.
In association with Oxeon AB we at Marktech, bring that Future to

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