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Texturized glass fabrics by Valmiera supplied by Marktech composite

In a world where the horizon of Human Endeavour and Ambition is limited only by the imagination, ‘doing the best with what we have’ has, for some time now...

been a slogan of the past.

C. Cramer & Co. is a group with some of the richest and most pioneering History in the industry.
Founded and established in Heek-Germany, in 1947, they are one of the oldest manufacturers of High Tech Industrial Textiles in the world.

ECC Style 14K carbon fabric Twill fabric by Marktech composite
Carbon fabric prepreg prototype project

Consistency, Reliability…and the all-important Time Factor… of supply:

These are the cornerstones of the efficacy of Product Planning, Production, and Control.
They are also the promises delivered by the SHD Group earning them the trust of over 450 customers worldwide

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