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Composites Pvt.Ltd


high silica, carbon fiber, needle mat, prepreg

"The vital link in a chain...

MarkTech Composites was born in 1989…
It was born of Passion…and a pinpoint ambition.

‘MarkTech’ has its origin in ‘Marketing Technology’…the name says it all, and underscores that very ambition.

To be a niche Company, marketing the very best products the world has to offer, in the critical field of Composites…brought to you in collaboration with, some of the world’s most acclaimed Manufacturer sources in the field.

Like the journey of a million miles, ours began with a single step…commitment: To the beliefs and convictions which formed our roadmap.

To live in the long term…and hone our professionalism and competence, through the experience of our exposure to a variety of markets and applications.
To make the customers’ complete satisfaction…the true measure of our worth.

We have followed this map faithfully now, with distinction and success…for over three decades.

We invite you on a journey of your own, through the pages that follow.
We are sure you would discover, how equipped we are, to match your high expectations…with our own “Passion for Excellence”.

At MarkTech, we consider doing business, a handshake...that lasts a lifetime."

Carbon UD fabric by Marktech composite
e-glass yarn by Marktech composite
Aluminium laminated glass fabric by Marktech composite
coated glass fabric by Marktech composite
glass fabric / high silica fabric Needle mat by Marktech composite
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